Denver Lifestyle Blogger Styles a Bar Cart from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Ever since the days of Adam Chandler on All My Children, a well-stocked bar cart in a dimly lit room in someone’s home has been a symbol of class and prestige. I remember watching Adam saunter over to the bar cart (and the camera), sigh as he thought of his most recent enemy or current love interest(s), and plan his next calculated move that would ultimately result in the continuation of his position of power.

Since that time I’ve dreamed of styling my own bar cart and stocking it with staples suitable for every type of guest. Enter Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. There is so much inspiration out there on Pinterest and other sites to take ideas from. Here I’ve compiled great deals from the sale that are must-haves for every bar cart. Stock up with this glassware and decor and all that’s let is liquor. Have fun!

Denver Lifestyle Blogger Shares What to Wear to Work

The fact that I’m writing a blog about what to wear to work seems a bit ironic. On a normal day, I step into my office in Golden in what would be considered less than business casual. I have a lot on my plate at work, as many of us do, so putting on makeup and doing anything other than throwing my hair into a top knot is out of the question. We’ve all been there right?

I usually roll up to work in what I would call ‘soccer mom clothes.’ Cute yoga pants, some trendy trainers, and whatever I can find as a top to match. I forgive my dismissal of corporate attire in favor of soccer mom clothes by justifying that I’m dressing for the job I want, not the one I have. #kiddingnotkidding As you may expect, this comment always makes my boyfriend laugh … followed by silence when he realizes that I’m probably serious.

Today I had a short presentation to give during my company’s monthly strategy call. I thought if I dressed the part it would help me feel more confident and therefore sound more confident when presenting. Sure enough! Spending that extra time this morning helped me to project a more self-assured “girl you got this” voice.

Until it’s soccer mom time, I’m willing to bet that there is a connection between how I present myself at work, how I’m perceived, and possibly how I’m compensated. To be continued…

For now, I thought I would share with you my #ootd from today at the office. Slay on.

Denver Lifestyle Blogger | Adored Home Accent Pieces from the Nordstrom Early Access Sale


The clock is winding down on the Nordstrom Early Access Sale. Less than four hours and the doors will open wide to everyone. Now is the time to snatch up those last minute items that have been sitting in your shopping cart for the last week!

Interior design has grown to be one of my greatest passions. It’s rare to find high-end home decor statement pieces at a price that doesn’t send you running to the nearest IKEA. Fortunately, this Nordstrom sale has an endless inventory of everything you could possibly want to perfectly complete the aesthetic you desire–whether it’s this chenille pillow to finish off a perfect bedding ensemble or this hand-knit throw to complement the armchair in your study.

Sit back and daydream while picturing these in your own cozy home.

Denver Lifestyle Blogger Picks Best of Women’s Activewear from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hello lovelies! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access! I took a break from the wonderful madness to go on a hike in Aspen (photos and deets to come in a later post).

At the hotel, I threw on my usual workout clothes that I had packed and headed out to the trail head about half a mile away. It wasn’t until the hike was over and I was enjoying a well-deserved breakfast that I realized how gross and sweaty I was and needed a shower ASAP. I also realized that I have owned the workout clothes I was wearing since …wait for it … 2011. It’s so not ok in so many ways!!! Enter the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access! Take me straight to activewear please!

Holy overwhelming! Sports bras and leggings and tanks OH MY! So for you, my little workout fiends, I’ve pulled together a collection of ten activewear items that will get you on the road to looking fabulous both in and out of the gym. Phew! Don’t worry! We’ve got this!

Denver Lifestyle Blogger | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access

Day two of the #Nsale craziness is upon us! I love being a resource for all of you fashionistas! Have you had a chance to find your favorites with early access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Are you thrilled with what you’ve picked up so far?

Dates to Remember

Remember, early access ends on July 19th before the sale opens to the public the next day. If you want early access, apply for a Nordstrom card here.

If you aren’t interested in the Nordstrom card, the sale opens to the public on July 20th and will run until August 5th.

How to shop

One of the best parts about this sale is the fact that you can do it all from home. Who doesn’t want to sit in their pj’s online shopping this weekend? Shopping online is best to way shop this sale to ensure that you’re favorites pieces don’t sell out before you can get your hands on them. So get to it!

Denver Lifestyle Blogger | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Roundup

HELLO LOVES!! I’m so freaking excited today … because it’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year! Early access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here!! That’s right, early access has officially opened up and if you have a Nordstrom card you can shop ALL of the deals now before anybody else!! If you don’t have a Nordstrom card and you want one to shop these sales now, you can sign up here. Now is the time to score some great deals on your new fall wardrobe … or spoil yourself with the home decor you’ve had your eyes on!! Before I get into it all, I wanted to say, you DEF want to be following me on my Instagram stories during the sale. I am going to make it my life mission to show y’all my favorite finds during the first couple of days!

Today, I’m sharing my FAVES in women’s sweaters and coats and jackets! So, grab some coffee and let’s shop! Make sure to check back to my website as I’ll constantly be updating the best sale items throughout all of your favorite categories … shoes, accessories, jeans, home decor … you name it!

Don’t forget, Early Access runs from now until July 19th!! You’ll probably notice that items are already starting to fly off the shelves but not to worry as I know they’re working hard to restock items. If you see something that’s sold out, make sure to check back as it COULD be available again soon!!

Happy shopping (and saving) and don’t forget to share what you’ve stocked up on for the fall season!

Dates to Remember

Early Access for Nordstrom Cardholders: July 12th – July 19th

Sale opens to the public: July 20th – August 5th

Last day of the sale: August 5th

Never Enough Monograms

I recently bought quite a few monogrammed mugs as client gifts for the holidays. Here are some of my favorite ones! They are inexpensive gifts that scream thoughtfulness and class. Enjoy!

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