Essential Girl’s Guide to Traveling

I’ve been on a few trips lately and I’ve found the following small investments to make a huge difference before and during my travels. Let me know how these work out for you!

The “Not For Tourists’ series provides helpful neighborhood and city maps as well as places to go that are not your normal tourist traps. With this guide, no one will doubt that you’re a local. Not For Tourists Guide to London 2017

If you’re traveling to another country, you’ll want an outlet adapter. Pick up one of these before arriving at the airport and you’ll save yourself enough to buy plenty of magazines for the long flight. Travel Adapter, LKY DIGITAL Worldwide All in One Universal AC Plug Adapter Power Converter International Wall Charger with Dual USB Charging Ports for US EU UK AUS Europe Cell Phone (White & Black)

Cords and chargers and earbuds…oh my! Pick up this handy travel pouch to keep your wires from getting crossed and stow your portable power bank too. Carrying Pouch, iMangoo Hard Protective EVA Case Impact Resistant Travel Pouch Bag Power Bank Organizer Sleeve Pocket With Mesh Accessory Pouch & Carrying Strap for USB Cable Earphone Pink

If you’re traveling with a buddy, it’s much easier to listen to that show you’re both binging on Netflix when you have this headphone splitter. No more debating over who gets the left earbud and who gets the right. Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter

I’ve enrolled myself in a class to learn how to pack for a trip properly and efficiently. However, I’m the instructor. I’ve made some progress over the last few getaways and I attribute part of it to the use of the Whitmore Adjustable Garment Rack. I haul it out and hang up pieces that are appropriate for the trip, then make sure I have enough picked out to cover the number of days I’ll be on holiday and the occasions I’m attending. Transfer the clothes to my luggage and off I go!

One giant piece of luggage that looks like a big black hole? Keep things organized with these packing cubes. I’m not sure how I survived without them. AmazonBasics 4-piece Packing Cube Set | Small, Medium, Large and Slim

This little gem saved my life when hopping around London. Big enough to carry what you need with you. Small enough not to feel a thing. Derek Alexander Small Teardrop Bike Pack

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